Step into Service Business Programme

A 12-week group coaching programme to launch your service-based career

Whether as a coach, consultant, creative entrepreneur or online course creator, it’s time to make your service-based business dream a reality!

Hello! Huge welcome to one of my many online homes and to my Step into Service Business Programme. It’s awesome to have you here and I expect you arrived in this spot because you’re looking to make a change… And if so, maybe you can relate to this?


Have you spent the past years (or maybe what feels like a lifetime) climbing the ladder in your career, only to find the dream job at the top was nothing like you’d imagined? Maybe it actually left you feeling pretty empty and confused...

Are you constantly consumed and frustrated by the hours you spend on projects and politics in your current job, leaving you with no time or head space for connection with yourself or loved-ones?

You wake up most days dreading the day ahead and wishing there was a way you could abundantly work for yourself, to call the shots on how you spend your time.

And to top it all, you actually already have a dream of living a life of meaning and freedom by supporting others through a service you’re seriously passionate about. You just don’t know how to make it a reality you can actually live from.

If any of this resonates, then I want you to know that you are not alone. I see you. I’m here for you. And I understand how you feel physically stuck.

When you’re at any stage of change, especially when it comes to careers and starting new businesses, it’s easy to feel frozen to the spot. Not sure what to tackle first. Not sure if you’re cut out for it. Not sure if you can really make it a reality. Scared of failure, fearing judgement, fixated on how the competition make it look so “easy”...

The list of fears goes on, but I want you to know, I get it.

And I'm here to tell you it’s all possible.


You dream of being a successful, abundant and fulfilled service-based entrepreneur. Maybe you dream of running a meaningful coaching practice, or an inspiring consulting business, or maybe you’re a creative entrepreneur ready to turn your passion and craft into your income. Whatever your service-based passion and mission, I know you dream of a working life where you can set your own schedule, work with people who need and appreciate you, and take pride in the amazing impact you’re making to peoples’ lives

You crave the chance to call the shots. No more unnecessary meetings. No more politics. No more inaction. Instead you want focus and autonomy on launching and growing your business in a way that feels clear, aligned and of course, financially fulfilling for you and the vision you have for your life.

And above all, you dream of becoming the person you know you can be. You dream of stepping into your confidence and unique knowledge as a business owner - trusting that you are finally on the right path and knowing, deep down, that things are working out exactly as they are meant to.

This can be your reality.

There is work involved, there is commitment to learning new things, but at the end, these dreams can come true.

You just need to show up and do the work and believe it’s all possible. Which I promise it is :)


Hi, i’m Zoe!

So, how do I know all this, I hear you ask? Because I’ve been in your shoes.

I’ve fallen out of love with one career after 10 years and been shocked to my core that I could change my mind.
I’ve been the woman hiding in the work toilets having a good old cry - but couldn’t really tell you why.
I’ve aspired for freedom and meaning by serving others.

At the end of 2016 I made my move and I left my corporate business career after 10 years to do what I’m doing now as a business coach and yoga teacher. I wholeheartedly believe in practising business with meaning, intention and a connection to who you really are. And luckily for you, I also believe in making business really simple so people can truly live out their callings.

During my 10 years in the international business world at General Motors and Swarovski, I learnt a lot about marketing, finance and planning.

I launched 5 new cars.
I tracked finances, set pricing and analysed profit margins.
I managed multi-million-pound advertising budgets.
I organised large-scale global events.

I did a lot. But at the end of it all, I realised my path was not to use this knowledge over and over again in the same industries and corporate structures. Instead, my path was to take my experience and apply it to something that could bring me and the world more meaning.

So now I am supporting women, like you, who are aspiring to build their own meaningful service-based businesses practice. It’s my mission to simply business so that your can live what you are called to do - to be of service.

Which is exactly why I created this programme…

Step into Service Business Programme

Over this 12-week group coaching programme I will guide you and support you to bring your business to life, because being of service means you’re also a business owner! Don’t be scared! It’s totally doable and I’m here, along with your fellow female entrepreneurs, to support you every step of the way.

During this action-focused programme you’ll learn clear steps to bring your service and offers to the people who need them most. You’ll get to know who you want to serve (yes I said want - you get to choose), and you’ll get clear on how your unique knowledge can really help them.

And above all, I’ll support you in stepping into your path with confidence, trust and belief in all that lays ahead of you.

What it includes:

  • Weekly group coaching calls - every week we’ll gather online for a group session where you get to ask questions and be supported on your entrepreneurial journey.

  • 2 x 1 hour private coaching calls - everyone needs a chance for personal reflection and for individual questions. These private sessions are where we can do just that!

  • A private Facebook community - for daily support and questions throughout. Basically for 12-weeks you never, ever need to feel alone. In this community you’ll have the chance to ask me questions AND get support from your fellow entrepreneurs.

  • Course videos, worksheets and tasks - each week I’ll provide you with lots of juicy content for your business learning.

  • Accountability and encouragement so you can REALLY become the service-based entrepreneur you dream of - through our time together I’ll be there for support and motivation as well as holding you accountable on each step of the journey. When left to our own devices it can be easier to procrastinate, get distracted or convince ourselves something is no longer important. With me by your side, this won’t happen. I want you to succeed. I want you to bring your dream to life. So I’ll be there to make sure you constantly move forward and take tangible, empowering action!

Programme Curriculum

The programme is broken down into 6 modules over the 12 weeks to support you making the most progress!

Untitled design.png

Get clear on what you've achieved in your life until now and dive into the future vision for your life and business. You’ll be left with a clear vision of how you want your business and life to look and feel.

2. Who am I here to serve?.png

By the end of module 2 you'll know who you want to serve and support, and even more importantly you'll know what they WANT and NEED from you.

1. Who am I here to serve?-2.png

By the end of module 3 you'll be clear on HOW you will serve your ideal client, by developing your offer and pricing.

1. Who am I here to serve?-3.png

Be 100% clear on your financial situation and feel confident in managing your business finances. You'll have a clear outline for creating the income you want with actionable steps on how to get there.

1. Who am I here to serve?-4.png

I promise you, marketing does not need to be complicated! During this module you’ll see how we can keep it really simple AND effective, through social media and other online tools. You’ll also find your authentic voice for creating all your awesome content.

1. Who am I here to serve?-5.png

When we sell from a place of adding value and authenticity is does not feel salesy or gross. During this module you’ll connect with how to sell your awesome programme in a way that feels real and human.

Stepping into a new career is scary and I promise feeling scared is completely normal. Fearful of what people will think of you, scared to think of one day leaving a “secure” income, or fear that you aren’t even ready yet… believe me when I say, you are not alone in these fears. I see you and I’m here for you.

Fear is something we experience when things are new, uncomfortable or uncertain. It is a natural instinct BUT, what could happen on the other side of your fear?

On the other side is your new path, your vision and your freedom. Remember, you get to live your life as YOU want.

Maybe you’ve considered really focusing on your new business before and got scared? Maybe you’ve been stung by judgement from loved ones or colleagues? Or maybe the biggest judger of you is YOU and you don’t yet feel “good enough” to make a start?

However fear is showing up for you, know that this programme is 100% practical and 100% focused on you, to move you into a place of real ownership, knowledge and action. From this strong foundation you will be empowered to move into your path. And to bring your vision to life. And I cannot wait to see it happen :)

Who is this experience actually for?

  1. You are a woman who dreams of being of service either as a coach, consultant, online course creator or as a creative entrepreneur (e.g. copywriter, designer etc).

  2. You believe in offering a mindful service to those who need it most.

  3. You are ready to embrace an online world that will bring you infinite opportunities to grow and scale your business.

  4. As well as being a service-giver and creative, you are ready to consider yourself a business owner.

  5. You are ready to do the work, take action even in the face of fear and are beyond excited to push forward to realise your dream.

  6. You are ready to live a life of freedom, creativity and service.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I’ve already made a start with my business and marketing?

That’s awesome! Well done for getting started and putting yourself out there! Any work you’ve done up till now is great and the beauty of this programme means we can tailor aspects of the course to you and your business. The module structure and content will remain the same but we can use your starting point as a basis for refinement, consistency and momentous progress.

What makes this programme different?

This high-touch programme leaves you with not only space to grow into your new mindset as a service-provider and business owner, but it also teaches you fundamental business practices such as strategic marketing, finance tracking, income goals, and offer creation.

I’ll hold space for you and support you to overcome your mindset challenges that come with starting any new career and business. I’ll encourage you and be there for accountability to move you along with all business actions.

I practice coaching and business as a mindful, intentional human being. Any service-based business is all about human relationships, community, connection, support and empathy. And that is how I live in everyday life AND in business. I can’t wait to get to know you!

One final thing…

Everything in life is an evolution of the thing that came before.

If you have the desire to run a service-based business, the idea came to you for a reason.
If you have a passion for supporting and helping people, it was meant to be like this.
If you are here, our paths were meant to cross.

Shall we make a start?

I’m here for you!
Love, Zoë x


“I believe that everything you’ve done up until this point has been building to this”

Zoë Lavender Stuart

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