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Success for body, heart and mind
Retreat + 3 month coaching experience

October 4 - 7 2018 in Zürich, followed by 3 months online coaching

Join me, life coach Ashley Paquin and health coach and doctor Janna Scharfenberg for a unique holistic retreat and 3 month coaching programme to help busy women feel healthy, happy and calm again.

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Yin Yoga Candlelight Winter Special
YogaCulture, Oerlikon
Saturday 9. December 2017

Join me for a 90-minute candlelight yin yoga winter special on Saturday 9. December at YogaCulture to slow down, restore and unwind in calming candlelight.
Winter is the time to turn inwards, conserve our energy and enjoy darker quiet evenings in cosy surroundings. In the warm, flickering candlelight, you will be led through a short meditation and given the chance to tune in with yourself and set a personal winter season intention. We will then dive even deeper through our yin yoga practice.
Yin yoga is a passive yoga practice where we sink into the body and mind with the support of blocks, blankets and bolsters. Holding poses for longer periods with less intensity allows your body to release and specifically helps your fascia and connective tissue stay strong and tension free.
Give yourself a treat this December, before the hectic festive period begins, and take some well-deserved time for you.

Price: CHF 40.- without abo or 90 min year abo also valid
What to bring: Cosy socks and a jumper + journal and pen

Introduction to Yoga Philosophy
Younion Yoga, Kreis 6, Zürich
Sunday 26. November 2017

Do you have a craving to learn more about yoga? Are you curious about other aspects of this ancient practice, beyond the physical postures? Would you like to learn more about the philosophy of yoga and how it could help you on your mat and in your everyday life?
Join me at Younion Yoga for this accessible and intimate workshop to explore these questions together. An informal, community-focused workshop where I’ll share my knowledge on the Yamas and Niyamas, the first two limbs of the eight limbs of yoga philosophical path.
The Yamas and Niyamas are approachable “guidelines” for our time on our yoga mats and for how we interact with and interpret our world. Made up of 10 principles in total, during this workshop we’ll drink tea, eat snacks and discuss what these principles could mean to us, our relationships with ourselves and our relationship with others. We’ll interpret together, share together and then we’ll practise together, integrating what we have discovered during the workshop.