Can you really be a mindful entrepreneur AND run a successful business?

In a word: YES

Having a business grounded in a world-serving intention and purpose does not mean it won’t be successful. In fact, with these amazing ingredients, plus hard-work and dedication, your mindful business can be more successful than you ever imagined. Why? I hear you say.

Because businesses with heart, meaning and passion are what we as humans want from our interactions.

Humans need and love community
Humans need and love purpose
Humans need and love a sense of belonging

It is in our nature.

However, don’t get fooled here. Humans still want good customer service, the product or service to do what it says it will do, and finally we want organization and ease.

(I guess we’re just picky like that).

It is time to give the people what they want. Mindful and meaningful products or services. Consumers want to buy and interact with real, passionate people. Which is where you come in.

But what about the tough sides of being an entrepreneur? Surely being mindful doesn’t go with making money? (I hear you whisper…)

To be a mindful business does not mean you don’t make important and challenging business decisions, it does not mean you give your services or products away for free (all the time) and it does not mean you cower at the first sign of “competition”.

What you do instead (with ongoing practice) is act from your place of purpose and intention. If you are rooted in your “why”, it will flow into all the things you do:

  • Important business decisions will still be important, but when truly connected with your “why” the decisions flow that bit easier.
  • Giving away products or services for free is not a daily occurrence BUT when and if you feel compelled to share your service or product for free because of a deep connection to your purpose, you do it. And who says you shouldn’t?
  • And finally, someone comes up in your Instagram feed looking a lot like they are offering the same as you… with practice, mindfulness, and again, connection rooted in your intention, you begin to realise there is not really any such thing as competition – instead it is about finding your ideal customer, and letting anyone else out there on their mission, find theirs.

As a mindful business owner you make decisions rooted in your purpose. Your connection to your intention fuels all your decision making – from marketing to finances to products.

And finally your connection to your intention keeps you human. It keeps you real. It keeps you connected to the reason you are doing what you are doing in the first place. And I for one, definitely want to be a consumer of that.