Hi, I’m Zoë. I’d like to be your mindful business coach.

Some fun facts about me.

  • I need two dots over my “e” – without them my name would be pronounced Zo, rather than Zoë (I told you these facts would be fun).
  • I am originally from the UK but have been living in Zürich, Switzerland for the last 5 years – adventures are my thing.
  • I teach vinyasa and yin yoga at 2 studios in Zürich and I love it. I love the communities, the students, the practice, the incense and the sparkle in peoples’ eyes when they leave.
  • I am addicted to chocolate (I blame Switzerland).

For over a year I’ve been growing my business as a yoga teacher. I’ve learned not only tons about being a teacher, but also about applying my ten years of corporate marketing and business experience as an entrepreneur. During this year of self-development and growth I’ve realised that my skills in business planning and execution can also help other people who through their own business mission have a passion to bring about positive change into the world.

Before becoming a full-time yoga teacher I worked for ten years in marketing and business planning for three global brands (Chevrolet, Cadillac and Swarovski). In this previous “life” I project-managed the launch of multiple new products, organised large-scale events and communication campaigns, and finalised pricing and profitability for pan-European product portfolios (sounds fancy, huh?). With a Masters in Strategic Communication, plus a digital marketing leadership qualification from Google, I also know what it means to be a digital businessperson in 2018.

I’ve seen how impactful this knowledge can be when combined with a mindful approach to business. I believe in working hard and being a businessperson but I only believe in doing that when combined with purpose, intention and a connection to a bigger “why”. So, this is why I am here for you. To offer you the tools and space for a mindful approach to your meaningful business mission.

I believe in the work you do. I see first-hand how much people benefit from what meaningful entrepreneurs offer. And now, the natural evolution of my journey is to bring these two passions together to offer you clarity, a connection to your purpose and above all, strong progress in your business. I will help and support you, so that you can continue to help and support others.

Interested so far? Get in touch to learn more about how we can work together.