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Being an entrepreneur for a meaningful business is varied, inspiring, filled with infinite possibilities and above all, fulfilling.

But for those just starting out it can be daunting. Starting your first business is an intense process, and for those already on their path it can also be chaotic and challenging to maintain a healthy work-life balance… you want to do more, help more, create more. This burning desire is valuable but also stressful, taking its toll on how much you can really show-up with clarity to move your meaningful mission forward.

Sound familiar?

After finding my place serving my community as a yoga teacher I understand this reality first hand, but I also understand what you need to find clarity, connection with your purpose and to see more progress, increased creativity and growing revenue in your business.


My mission is to help you create and grow a sustainable business so that you can continue to serve the people who need it – whatever your intention-filled and positive business mission is.

Being an entrepreneur that wants to be a force of good in the world means you are constantly giving your time and energy to others – helping others, supporting others, teaching others. Now it is the time to come back to you, your why and your entrepreneurial tomorrow. Whether you are a yoga teacher, health coach, blogger, yoga studio owner or in another role focused on bringing something meaningful into the world, the clearer your focus, the more you can share and give to other people.

So, why me?

  • I have ten years corporate experience working in marketing, communications, product planning and finance. I have a commercial mindset which pairs pretty awesomely with my mindful approach.
  • I am also a yoga teacher – I too am on a mission to bring mindfulness, meditation and yoga philosophy and practices to the world. In other words, I get what you are going through and we share a joint-mission.
  • I have the qualifications (I won’t list them here because it feels cheesy – read here for more about my certificates)
  • Above all, I believe in a mindful approach to business. Being a cut-throat business person is not my style. Instead I believe in approaching business as a mission. Working as an meaningful entrepreneur definitely means you have purpose and intention. Working with me we’ll never lose sight of why you started in the first place – to me, that is mindful business coaching.

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